Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mary M. Lane- Arts and Auctions Correspondetnt was amazing.

It was a jam packed day and it started off with the former Art and Auctions Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, Mary Lane. She sat down with us in our hotel and had a genuine, refreshing talk about her journey in Berlin.

She has been here for 5+ years (the exact number slips my mind) and it all started off with a trip that was supposed to be for a semester. She spoke about some of her most interesting work with local brothels in the city, and the subsequent piece she did on prostitution. Here in Berlin it is a legal job with the same legitimacy as any other profession. Her report on the mystique lifestyle is an interesting read:

She kept it real with the expectations of a journalist and the truth of the industry. The topic that I loved was about who the person you are can and will alter your experience as a reporter. For example she mentioned how in one instance she could be super intimidating to a person she is interviewing, and in the same day have someone look at her as a lowly reporter. She mentioned that in certain situations being a person of color could make the people you are interviewing more comfortable depending on the situation, but there may also be people who think you are only there because of your color. It can be a curse and blessing but you have to be prepared for these things. Being a woman in journalist she has dealt with derogatory things being thrown her way because of her gender.

Establishing herself as a solid local journalist, she is now taking time to write a book about her reporting. The visit ended with her inviting us all to her flat for drinks and more conversation another time to speak more. A visit I am definitely going to take.  

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